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Looking for affordable exhaust repairs Newport? If so you have come to the right place. Welsh Coast Customs offer general exhaust repairs and mild steel replacements at competitive prices. Whether you have a blow in your exhaust, need exhaust welding or exhaust replacement, we can help.

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Cost effective repairs for your exhaust system

Part of our custom fabrication service at Welsh Coast Customs is not just being able to make a complete exhaust system from scratch. We can also help you with those times when a small part of your system has failed. Items such as flexi pipes and catalytic convertors can be replaced by us.

We use the same top quality components as used in our complete exhaust systems but at a fraction of the cost of having to replace a whole section of exhaust, manifold or down pipe, so you can have a low cost, durable repair without scrapping a perfectly good exhaust system.

We professionally fabricate new components into your system, keeping it safe, quiet and legal in a far more cost effective way.

How to spot signs of exhaust damage

Unfortunately, exhaust systems are prone to damage, due to the exposure they have to the elements. It is therefore recommended, that a vehicles exhaust is serviced every 10,000 miles minimum or once a year. A few ways that you can check for damage to your exhaust are the following.

Fumes in vehicle
A loud noise is evident when driving
Visible holes in the exhaust
Low-hanging pipe
Rattling or knocking noise

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exhaust flexi pipe

Flexi Pipe Repairs

While many suppliers will tell you that the flexi is a fixed part of the exhaust system and that it will all need to be replaced at considerable cost, we can replace a new piece of flexi pipe in place of the broken one. We can have you moving again with a big cash saving by keeping the undamaged part of your exhaust intact.

Catalytic Convertor Replacements

Catalytic convertors are a very expensive part of the system to replace. This is due to the expensive materials used inside them, multiple catalytic convertors being used in the system and manufacturers producing them integral to the exhaust and not as a separate part. This means that when it fails, the manufacturer will recommend that a complete system is needed. We can remove the failed catalyst and custom fit a new, high quality catalyst without the expense and waste of replacing large or whole sections of a perfectly good exhaust system.

Corroded or Damaged Exhaust: Localised Repairs

At Welsh Coast Customs we can also perform localised repairs on an exhaust system. So, if there is heavy corrosion on a hanger or joint but the rest of the system is in good condition, we can replace just these sections. Therefore, you get extended life out of your original exhaust and eliminate annoying blows, rattles and bangs from a dodgy exhaust hanger or a corroded joint. This service is a cost effective repair solution from a specialist company you can trust.

diagram of exhaust system

Get in Touch with the team at Welsh Coast Customs today!

For further information, on any of our services, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team here in Newport, South Wales today. A member of our expert team will be happy to discuss your needs and book your vehicle in.

So, if you require a general exhaust repair or mild steel replacement, why wait? Call our team on: 01633 841484.

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